People, who have survived cancer, whether it is breast cancer to colon cancer, are very respected as people, and known to be very strong people. Families of people who have survived cancer are also very thankful for what doctors and nurses have done to help their family member fight through a hard time in their life. Cancer is a very scary, usually terminal disease that is hard to cope with as part of the family along with the person who has survived cancer and having doctors studying and finding new treatments everyday is helping and everyone is thankful for it.

Breast cancer survivors have started a foundation called Susan G. Komen for the Cure. It is a non-profit organization, which was started to raise money for the cancer research and awareness of the disease. The organization is not just for finding a cure but also to make people aware of early detection, and understanding where support and resources are if they are diagnosed. The Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization has many people supporting it, survivors, people whose family member have passed away from the cancer and to get more people involved and aware of the disease. There is a race for the cure that also takes place to raise money for research. The basic organization’s movement is to help people become more aware of detecting their cancer early to make sure that less and less people suffer from these disease, along with their families.

Colon cancer awareness month is in March. It is much like other cancer foundations where the main goal is to make sure that people are becoming more aware of how their bodies are functioning and seeing symptoms and signs of cancers before it is too late. Thinking about family history and what your body is doing is very important. Doctors are very helpful with all of this information and helping decide with treatments. Treatments include many options and doctors will be sure to discuss all options.

Treatments, when cancer is caught early, can be a lot less of a toll on the body and helps the survival rate of cancer dramatically. The survival rate of cancer patients have gone up tremendously in the past years with the Susan G. Komen foundation being so popular and having so many followers. Treatment when cancer is not caught early can be very invasive and hard on the patient as well as the family. Radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy and hard on the body and can make you worse before you get better, that is why people who have survived cancer have started so many foundations about so many cancers, so people will be more aware of what they are putting into their bodies, and what signs and symptoms are going on with your body. Awareness moths for cancer, foundations, and walks for cures, helps people to become more educated on the cancers in their family, and the cancers they could have from what is going on with their body. People who have survived cancer always want to make sure that what they went through does not happen to more people.

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